Engines of War

It Begins
An unpleasant awakening

The party slowly awakes with pounding headaches, and no memory of the previous night in a dirty stone jail, with heavy iron bars. After Jamel the rouge kicks his Deva friend into conciousness a little too enthusiastically, they find that the two magic users have been isolated in seperate cells with their hands bound by rope behind their backs. The human warden Zardus and the Goliath Runepriest Gad are each in seperate cells and the elven Rouge and Deva Cleric are in another. Thier only company is an unconcious old human.

Shortly after, a group of men lead by a massive human dressed in scale mail come into the room to inspect the prisoners. A female halfling is tossed into Gad`s cell and the old man is dragged roughly out. Deeming him unfit, he is unceremoniously executed by a bandit while the others leave, and his corpse is dropped into a metal hatch set into the floor in the corner.

Jamel at this point decides to do the only thing he can think of, and starts insulting the guard in an attempt to draw him over. The Deva quickly tires of this and, deciding on a slightly less subtle route, invokes the name of Pelor to hurl a spear of brilliant light at the lone human. The shot misses, passing over his shoulder, and the bandit yells out for help before grabbing a nearby crossbow and putting a bolt into Jamel`s arm. Three more bandits rush down the stairs, maces in hand as Jamel snags a small piece of bone off the ground and picks the lock in an instant. The battle is joined.

Jamel, dodging daggers flung by the rushing bandits crosses the room and quickly frees Zardus. Realizing he needs to buy time for the other prisoners to get out, Zardus charges the group of bandits unarmed and unarmored. He manages to grab a short sword from the nearby table, but is surrounded by a pair of guards and takes a couple of glancing blows.

Meanwhile the other cells are opened and the half-elf sorceror, with a rush of adrenaline, snaps the bonds on his hands. He joins th cleric in supporting Zardus while Jamel picks up a dagger and enters the fray with Gad beside him. After a short brutal fight, the bandits are taken care of and the party sets about distributing what gear they can find. The crossbow and half a dozen daggers go to the rouge, while the runepriest and cleric each take a mace. The sorceror`s over-zealous application of repeated acidic blasts to one bandit has left his leather armor a melted and burned pile of trash, so Jamel is forced to go unarmored for now.

While Jamel moves ahead to scout, Gad speaks with the halfling who is severely wounded. She tells them her name is Sami and that she is a member of a guard patrol that was ambushed in the mountains outside Canta. She is very weak from blood loss and seems to be having trouble speaking.

Exploring ahead, Jamel silently climbs the stairs and peeks through, dropping a bandit guard with a single well placed crossbow bolt. Moving up to the next door,he sees a large hall that has been converted to a mess hall-rec area for the bandits, and contains roughly 2 dozen humans. Reporting this to the party, a brief discussion takes place after which they decide to head down the only apparent way… the steel hatch.

Next time: Ooze is fun!

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