• Cal Brighteye

    Cal Brighteye

    A light-hearted and optimistic human soldier.
  • Derek Brightshield

    Derek Brightshield

    An arrogant and disagreeable human who is second in command of the Canta Guard.
  • Frix Askelpious....

    Frix Askelpious....

    A middle aged, slightly mad gnome who just loves taking things apart, and is almost as good at putting them back together. He is in charge of studying Malkarian artifacts found by the historians society. He is fiercly devoted to his older brother Thrallis
  • Harnath Greymane

    Harnath Greymane

    The legendary leader of the Canta Guard.
  • Sami Headsworth

    Sami Headsworth

    A young female halfling sergeant in the Canta Guard. She leads her own patrol in the unit known as "The Griffon's Talons".
  • Thrallis Askelpious...

    Thrallis Askelpious...

    Thrallis is head of the Canta Historians Society. He is an old historian who is devoted to studying ancient Malkaria in the hopes of regaining the technology that was lost.