Points of Interest

The Adventurers Guild

Located in the Merchants Quarter, the Adventurers Guild was created as a place where people could find help for problems outside the jurisdiction of the Canta Guard. Though many job postings are questionable at best, the guild maintains a strict policy against illegal activities, and always ensures adventurers are paid upon the completion of a job.

The process is simple: clients come and post their requests, and leave payment with the guild. The job is offered to interested adventuring groups who, upon acceptance, are put in contact with the client. Onece the request is fulfilled, the guild releases the payment to the adventurers minus a 10% commission.

The guild has an excellent reputation for fairness, and has proven a boon to the Guard who have less minor requests and complaints to deal with.

The Mages Guild

Run by the councilman of the Scholars district, Erytheis, the mages guild of Canta is a source of great contention amongst the citizenry. Lauded for its brilliant researchers and praised for its contributions to the defense of the city, it is seen by the council as an invaluable asset.
However, the volatile nature of the research conducted there has lead to numerous disasters from fires and minor explosions, to the destruction of buildings.
Four years ago the inevitable occurred and the guild hall itself, an architectural master work, imploded, taking half a city block with it. The guild was re-located to a more secluded location: deep underground, where the magic users continue their research without endangering anyone but themselves.

Points of Interest

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